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2021 COVID-19 Border Info


What You Need: QLD Border Declaration Pass (Freight & Logistics) The pass is always required, however they do have an expiry of 14 days. NSW

What You Need: Nothing

Drive-thru COVID testing clinics especially made for freight operators are operational 24/7 - Find Here ACT

What You Need: Declaration Form

Freight or transport operators are exempt from mandatory 14 day quarantines.

VIC What You Need: Victoria Travel Permit

Commercial Freight Workers are Exempt from Red and Orange Zone categories and can enter Victoria regardless.


What You Need: GTG Pass Pass must be submitted 7 days prior, and if you have been in a "medium" or "high" risk area within 14 days prior to arrival, you must undergo a health screening on arrival within 24 hours.

SA What You Need: Cross Border Travel Application Application required 72 hours prior to arrival.


What You Need: Border Entry Form The pass is required for entry if you have travelled from any other state. Testing is required every 7 days, and you can be permitted entry with proof that you have one booked within 7 days of entry. WA

What You Need: GTG Pass The pass is required for entry if you have travelled from any other state. It needs to be submitted before entry. Freight and Logistic Operaters need to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result in the previous 5 days prior to border entry. Border testing will occur within 48hrs if a negative test result can not be produced. There is a mandatory test within 7 days if an operator is staying in WA.

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