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$60 For A Truck To Bypass Sydney...

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

How much will it cost a Truck to by-pass Sydney?

With the opening of the North Connex tunnel, combined with the M2 and M7 motorways, a transporter will now be able to completely bypass Sydney roads when transiting the area.

In 2020, it will cost a truck traveling north-south (or south-north) nearly $60 to bypass Sydney roads.

The 9km of NorthConnex will come at an access cost for a truck of $23.03 (that's $2.55 per Km).

This combined with the truck rates for the M2 of $11.52 and M7 of $24.72 will give a total cost of $59.27 to travel a one-way direction. There's your $60.

"Through Northconnex, the government is aiming to move around 5000 trucks off Pennant Hills Road each day."
"It will be the longest and deepest road tunnel in Australia." - NorthConnex

Here's the real kick,

"Truckies will also be fined if they avoid the toll road, by travelling on Pennant Hills Road."

From Owner Driver, you can read the update from a NatRoad forum in Swansea on 11th November HERE.

"However, several trucking operators in attendance felt that the transport industry was being unfairly singled out for the heavy traffic congestion along Pennant Hills Road."

If you're a truck that fits the tunnel you must use the tollway (see SMH HERE). Is this compliance taxation?

Does this represent value for the transport operator or just another form of taxation?

UPDATED 20/11/19 - Here is a link to the NatRoads Article directly, released 20th November.

Sources: NatRoads, SMH, NorthConnex, Owner Driver

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