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ACCC Fires Price Fixing Warning Shot at Owner Driver

The ACCC has responded strongly over an opinion piece written by owner-driver Frank Black about the current atmosphere of the transport market during these COVID times.

Regarding Mr Black's article, while the ACCC did not site any concluded view they did raise price-fixing concerns in regards to the Competition and Consumer Act of 2010, including the Cartel provisions:

"Contravention of the Cartel provisions of CCA is a criminal offence and carries serious criminial and civil penalties including up to 10 years in jail for inidivudals, and heavy precuniary penalties for corportations." - ACCC, 1st June 2020

Read Frank Black's Opinion article HERE

Read ACCC's response to Black's Opinion article and the Transport Workers Union's response to ACCC HERE

Read the ATN Article HERE

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