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An Industry Meeting Demand

"Without Trucks Australia Stops."

It's a catchy bumper sticker, but it couldn't be more true than in times like this.

Trucking companies are experiencing increased demand across the board, especially in those outside the spot market who are doing food and produce deliveries.

In a recent Big Rigs article that outlines some specific companies who are seeing unprecedented demand, we can see that now more than ever before that the value of the transport industry is evident. Although companies are having to juggle both protective measures with face-to-face interactions and supply chain pinch points, they're doing so with excellence and care for customer and worker alike.

“We’re working double-time to firstly make sure the vehicles and staff are safe and loaded, and DC’d and delivered, where we can, as much as we can.” - Darren Nolan, Nolan's Transport.

A flow-on effect of freight being an essential service with increased demand is the expansion of the industry to those who need jobs now more than ever. The extra drivers and transporters that are required is a much-needed opening for qualified individuals to get work in the midst of job losses.

“The volumes are much larger than Christmas and New Year, and I believe every transport company is in the same boat,” said Mr Nolan."

Although the pathway out of this fog is unclear, there are trucks with their high beams on leading the way.

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