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Are Freight Volumes On The Rise?

Australia’s 2019 economy has attracted the negative description of being “soft”. Locally our growth has slowed, international trade wars are building, with the combined effect of recession talk.

Even today ABC News has released another report indicating the weakest GDP growth in 20 years.

Loadshift freight volume request data highlights the year on year trend of peaks prior to Easter and during the final quarter of the year. The final quarter freight flurry is normally preceded by a noticeable elevation in September.

The red circle identifies an increase in freight volume earlier on in the year than normal.
Freight Volume Request Data from 2016 to 2019 from Loadshift.

2019 has seen tighter freight volumes particularly through the middle of the year. Carriers have been very active in the market seeking freight supplies to fill their capacity.

However, looking at current 2019 charts, is the market trying to return to a slightly more ‘bullish’ activity for the final quarter?

Latest Loadshift freight volume request data potentially points to signs of rising cargo levels which are characteristic of preceding annual trends.

This indicated a dramatic increase a lot earlier than expected for this time of the year.
Freight Volume Request Data in 2019 from Loadshift

If correct this rising trend is occurring a couple weeks earlier than in previous years.

For Carriers that in some cases have just been ‘hanging in there’ so far this year, hopefully we will see a final quarter with freight volumes that out pace transport capacity.

Sources: Loadshift.com.au

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