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Australia Ahead Globally in COVID19 Testing

For a bit of positivity in the midst of a lot of the outgoing media at the moment, Minister for Health Greg Hunt in a statement this afternoon declared that in regards to COVID19 testing taking place in Australia, we are ahead of most of the globe.

"With regards to testing, the latest figures is there have now been approximately 147,000 pathology tests carried out in Australia. On a per-capita basis on the advice from the National Incidence Centre, that means we now have 557.9 tests (approximately) per 100,000 or greater than 0.5 per cent of the population. This is on the advice I have. It's higher than even Korea, which has done a magnificent job with their testing on a per-capita basis.

"Australia is at over 557 per 100,000, Korea 549, UK 117, USA, 22, Austria, 265, France, 54.

"So along with Korea and Singapore, we are at the global forefront in terms of the breadth and width of our testing."

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