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Austroads Supports Increase to Width Limit

After taking some time to research and reconsider any changes to current width dimension rules, Austroads supports the findings.

"The evidence supports increasing the maximum allowable heavy freight vehicle width from 2,500mm to 2,550mm (including attachments)."

Our brothers and sisters over the water in New Zealand since 2017 have allowed a 2,550mm width restriction with no consequential change in crash rates caused by the change.

With accidents having no correlation to the overall width of a load being towed, the article goes on to say that the research suggests that, like anything, most accidents come down to human error. With the right training and procedures, increasing driver awareness on such things like blind spots for example, can mitigate accidents.

"These risks could reportedly be mitigated by mandating driver training and specific safety technologies"

It closes with a nod to those who are wanting an increase to 2,600mm, which Austroads has acknowledged will require additional work.

Read the full article HERE!

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