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Better Testing Conditions For Our Most Essential Workers

Updated: Jul 29

Some Carriers have told Loadshift these past few weeks that they are either unaware that they can continue operating as normal, or they're too worried and confused by all the messages and miscommunication to bother doing so. (That's why we put together this freight restriction article).

Of particular concern to some of these Carriers is the amount of COVID-19 tests that they are required to undergo before and after they cross state borders. On top of that, the current testing method requires an immense amount of time and effort, not least for some who have to abandon their load before entering a testing clinic.

In a joint statement to the federal government (namely the Therapeutic Goods Administration), the state transport associations have impressed their recommendation to change the current method of COVID-19 testing for truck drivers. This new testing method would allow Carriers to administer a self-test in their own time, and see their results within 5-15 minutes. This would particularly mitigate the impact that the current testing method has on supply chains.

The statement continues, “To meet all obligations while still being able to remain unharmed the combined state transport associations have endorsed the appeal to change the current testing regime to include the Ellume type testing and provide the same level of Covid security.

“Accessible, reliable, and fast diagnostics are integral to the Covid-19 response. The Ellume rapid testing regime provides a result within 5-15 minutes to reduce an individual’s personal intrusion, manage outbreaks and community transmission, and reduce pressure on healthcare systems.

Victorians are especially concerned after being notified that thousands of Carriers have been crossing the border from New South Wales legally without a permit and therefore without regular testing. The pressure is on for the federal government to provide a better testing solution, a solution where supply chains across the states are uninterrupted and our Truckies are safe as they provide this vital work.

“Freight drivers have maintained their social licence to continue working despite invasive testing requirements that have been a source of angst and distress for many. They deserve a better testing regime that respects their physical and mental health and well-being, whilst keeping the community safe from transport-related outbreaks.”

The request by the associations is being assessed by the national body of chief health officers this week. Read the full statement HERE.

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