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Bushfire Relief To A Burnt Industry

The ATA has gone into bat for an industry scorched by the recent bushfire disaster that has seen thousands of properties lost and countless lives impacted. With an immediate, intermediate and long-term plan proposed to the Australian Government, the ATA's recovery plan includes an "allowance, concessional loans and extension of the instant asset write off" says DieselNews.com.au.

"The impact these fires have had on trucking businesses and their employees is unprecedented. some have lost their homes, workplaces or equipment. others have been dealing with prolonged time away from their families, suffering financial loss and personal hardship as a result of road closures and lengthy delays." - Geoff Crouch, ATA Chair

The ATA has requested that the Disaster Recovery Allowance be available as a "wage subsidy to employers who can demonstrate loss or hardship" in relation to the recent bushfire crisis, and extended from 13 to 26 weeks respectively.

Alongside the various other areas that have been declared as disaster-affected areas, the ATA believes that the Shires of Dundas and Coolgardie should be like declared.

For small businesses, the ATA recommends they be able to choose either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly repayment terms as their original terms end.

In regards to asset write off, ATA recommends that the government increase the write off to $50,000 for one year only, with the higher amount to be finished with on July 2021. As it stands the write off is scheduled to fall from $30,000 to $1000 on 1 July 2020..

Alongside all this, ATA has requested that the Farm Management Deposits Scheme to trucking businesses who are eligible. Read more HERE

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