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California Only Registers Trucks Who Comply with Emissions Regulations

A new bill was passed allowing the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to only allow the registration of vehicles that comply with the emissions legislation set up back in 2012. The government sees it as a way to stop those who have been avoiding the system for years now.

Particularly effecting trucks, of trucks due for their registration this month alone, there has reportedly been 4000 out of tens of thousands of trucks that do not meet the industry standard set up in 2012. This law will aid in the state taking greater lengths to achieve its goal to have all trucks and buses be fitted with engines no earlier than 2010 models by 2023.

Various industries will be impacted, with capacity within the construction industry losing approximately 20 per cent of its trucking capacity.

In relation to Australian emissions regulations, we have been lagging behind the rest of the world in regulating emissions and examples set by countries such as America will soon find their way to Australia.

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Sources: FreightWaves, iTrucker

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