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COVID-19 Border Restrictions (updated)

Update 22 Juy, 12:40pm

This thread will seek to clarify developing border restrictions across Australia specifically those that pertain to declared hotspots. For a great resource, go to the NHVR website HERE

For a Coronavirus Hotspot map see HERE

New South Wales As of today, there is a new border pass required for those entering into NSW as a critical service worker (road transport and logistics). Please note, previous passes will expire at midnight tonight, so update your pass immediately.

Get the new pass here

Northern Territory

From Friday 17th July - Freight is no longer allowed into NT if a Carrier has been in a declared hotspot (ie, the entire state of VIC and new NSW Hotspots). All exemptions will be revoked from 17th July IF a Carrier has been in a hotspot within the last 14 days. Read more from NT Gov and NHVR


Currently (10:15am, 14th July), freight is exempt even from declared coronavirus hotspots. A border pass is required and must be renewed every 7 days. Read more from QLD Gov, NHVR and apply for a border pass. (Updated 15th July, 12pm) - QLD is accepting freight from NSW Hotspots (Campbelltown and Liverpool, see more here) but Carriers must do the following:

  • Keep records of close contacts for 14 days

  • Agree to be tested if symptoms develop

  • Self-isolate in truck or accommodation when not working

More info to come as information develops...

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