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COVID19 Update - April 6th

This is an important message to Carriers nationwide. Phil shares some crucial information for Carriers to hear in light of the pandemic and all that's happening across Australia. He specifically addresses the trucking community, encouraging us to support each other especially when it comes to a change of mentality to be price SETTERS, not price TAKERS.

This is a must-watch for Carriers who are operating in today's circumstances.

These weekly update videos are designed to help break down what is happening into simple and applicable points for transporters here at Loadshift.

The current statistics here at Loadshift are showing that there is no impact on freight volumes at this time.

Loadshift is operating as per normal, as is our HQ with support staff here at your service.

We are committed to standing with you through Fire, Flood, and COVID19.

COVID19 News: https://www.loadshiftnews.com.au/all-...

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us during this time.

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