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Driver-Assist vs Driverless Autonomy

Article Source: FreightWaves

Introducing Copilot - a step in the right direction.

Whether you're for or against autonomous vehicles, one thing is for certain; autonomy will be the new normal.

That being said, the road ahead is paved with potholes until that day arrives. One such leap is the jump from driver-assisted to driverless. With Pronto by Copilot however, this makes the jump more of a step, watch below!

"Copilot is a Level 2 safety system that uses a camera-based software suite to control braking, throttling and steering. Pronto has taken the right approach and pitches its technology as driver-assist rather than driverless." - Dean Croke, Freightwaves.

Even with decades of experience, Croke explains that he enjoyed how the system aided him in various ways, including increasing the following distance behind a car that just pulled out on in front of him.

"It can happen to anyone and this system is a must for commercial vehicle drivers who have to deal with the ever-increasing number of distracted drivers on the roads… we need all the help we can get!"

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