• Phil Callaghan

First was the steam train, then came the BDouble.

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Trucks are obliterating the train corridor, but not for the reasons you think.

In a recent article by PrimeMover Mag, road haulage is said to be overtaking rail on some of the busiest transport lanes in Australia.

This may have everything to do with ease of access.

"Access costs for hauling a 20-foot container were skewed in favour of a B-double according to Dalla Valle."

The article speaks for itself:

“Bizarrely, at a time when Australians want safer roads, less traffic congestion during their daily commute, reduced vehicle emissions, and properly maintained roads, government policies are geared to rolling out bigger and heavier trucks on more roads,” said Dalla Valle.

“In terms of accessing the freight corridor between Melbourne and Sydney, that’s a massive 70 per cent cost penalty for rail – this rips the guts out of our industry,” he said.

Read the full story HERE

Source: PrimeMover Mag

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