• Phil Callaghan

Helpful Links - Stay Up To Date on COVID19

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

There are significant changes to border requirements across Australia at this time. This article HERE lays out all the most helpful info including updated links from the NHVR and all border passes. Here's a short list of all the necessary passes and where to get them: A valid border permit or equivalent approval:

QLD Freight Pass

NSW Freight Pass

VIC Worker Permit (no border pass required)

TAS Freight Pass

SA Freight Pass

NT Freight Pass

WA Freight Pass

These measures are there to protect and safeguard yourselves and the community, and whilst passes and various elements can be over cumbersome, we are more than happy to help you where we can. Don't hesitate to call Loadshift on 1300 56 23 74 anytime or email info@loadshift.com.au.


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