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LoadPilot.com.au Coming Home

LoadPilot.com.au was launched on September 24 2014, some 7 years after Loadpoint's flagship site Loadshift.com.au. It was designed to work for Pilots as Loadshift works for Carriers - connecting Pilots with Carriers of oversize freight, and more. There's no other Australia wide source that displays the availability of pilots directly to heavy Carriers, and we are enhancing this further.

Now almost 6 years later, Loadpilot.com.au is preparing to be integrated entirely into the powerful marketplace that Loadshift has become. Pilots across Australia will have access to Australia's leading transport marketplace for heavy and oversize loads. Moreover, Pilots will be able to turn non-piloting km's into freight km's by accessing various smaller freight opportunities found within the Loadshift marketplace.

This integration is going to streamline the process of connecting Carriers with oversize freight to Pilots and provide more business into both the Pilots and Carriers businesses. Integration is expected within the coming days.

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