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Loadshift Roadtrip Part 2

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Heading to the Central West

In January this year the Loadshift team were lucky enough to head to QLD just before the travel restrictions came into affect. We had an awesome time up there meeting with Carriers and Shippers from all over the state, even some who have been users of Loadshift since its early days. Definitely worth checking out the high quality Truckside Chat episodes on our YouTube channel.

We were hoping to continue our Road Trip to VIC but COVID-19 has since prevented that. In the meantime, we’re taking advantage of our time in NSW and heading to the Central West!

The Central West Region ranks 8th in Loadshift’s overall Inbound freight volume, and 11th for overall Outbound volume.

The Loadshift top 5 cargo categories (Machinery Mobile, Cars, General Less Than Load, Trucks and Machinery Stationary) make up 75% of all Central West inbound/outbound freight so it’s a goldmine for those looking to run those loads.

Overall for the Central NSW region, the Machinery Mobile category runs at 32% which is above our nationwide average of 26% for that cargo category.

We’re really looking forward to taking advantage of travel restrictions and meeting up with some of those who are keeping Australia running in this time.

Catch us live on Facebook throughout the journey and stay posted for great Truckside Chats and other footage coming from our trip.



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