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Nullabor Bushfires Causing Food Shortages in Perth

The Nullabor has been cut off due to Bushfires and its at risk of causing millions of dollars in damages to Perth's economy, as well as substantial food shortages.

The ABC reports, "About 140 firefighters are battling eight fire fronts that have cut off the small WA town of Norseman, about 700 kilometres south-east of Perth, for extended periods since the first blaze began on December 16."

This then caused the Eyre Highway, the only enclosed road linking South Australia with Western Australia, to be closed for at least 5 days.

"Authorities are turning back west-bound motorists at Eucla, 12 kilometres west of the South Australian border, because the supply situation at roadhouses along the 1,660-kilometre-long Eyre Highway has become dire." - ABC

Along with food shortages this also has the potential to cause a drop in medical supplies.

For Carriers, a lot of road trains have been held at the border anticipating the reopening of the roads, but with the fires and the coming weeks being so volatile, it is difficult to predict when things will be back to normal.

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