• Phil Callaghan

Powerful, Autonomous Electric Trucks are the Future?

Here at Loadshift we try and keep our finger on the pulse of all things innovation and technology that are relevant to the Transport industry. An interesting progression that we are noticing is the move toward fully electric vehicles and trucks across the globe.

Nikola One over in America is a truck manufacturing company that is looking to provide hydrogen-electric fuel cell answers to the trucking industry's future.

While Loadshift was in Atlanta Georgia for the FreightWaves Transparency19 conference, we sat in on a detailed interview introducing us to the capability of Nikola.

Rivaling diesel equivalents, the Nikola prime mover is capable of towing

For Australia, the adoption of electric trucks is deemed as the tipping point for a deluge of electric vehicles to be seen on our roads. Chinese manufacturer BYD is looking to bring hundreds of electric trucks into the current marketplace. (You can read more on that here).

Want to learn more about what the future might look like, checkout our recent story on exactly that here.

Source: Nikola Motor, AFR

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