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QLD Online Entry Pass Application For All Essential Services

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

UPDATE 27th March - NHVR/Natroads update - If you're a freight operator already in QLD, you do not need an entry pass. If you are crossing the border to get work into QLD, then you need an entry pass.

An important development on QLD border controls.

Whilst ALL freight and transport is considered an essential service and is EXEMPT from border closures and self-quarantine conditions, they are now required to fill out a border entry pass application.

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The recent post from the QLD Government declares as follows:

Who is exempt from the requirement to enter quarantine for 14 days?

Those living outside of Queensland who provide critical services to Queensland:

  • National/state security

  • Essential health services

  • Emergency services

  • Transport of goods or freight including food

  • Critical maintenance/repair to critical infrastructure in Queensland

  • Construction, mining/energy/agribusinesses (and see below for specific requirements for FIFO workers in these sectors)

  • Federal, state or local government workers who are required to enter to Queensland to perform official duties.

If you are providing these critical services and need to enter Queensland, you can apply for an entry pass.

Will freight and equipment be able to cross the border into Queensland?

Freight and logistics for any goods into Queensland from interstate is still permitted, including retail goods for pharmacies, grocery stores and petrol stations, on the condition that the person must practice social distancing wherever possible, including maintaining a distance of at least 1.5 metres where reasonably practicable and remain isolated in their vehicle or accommodation.

Sources: QLD Government QLD Health


This is an ongoing story, as yet, no other states are requiring an entry pass for all essential services.

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