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Service Centres, Truck Stops and Roadhouses - The NHVR COVID19 Support App

As they continue to support Australia's trucking industry, the NHVR's new tool provides truckies with a real-time map of service centres, truck stops, and roadhouses that are open during the pandemic. They do acknowledge that this information is not comprehensive and is subject to change.

This is an important one for your mates so be sure to share it around, you can send them this link to get to it: https://nhvr.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=eb63f81247844052aaad2f71fe31792c

The statement on their website reads: "The NHVR has launched a new online tool that maps service centres, truck stops and roadhouses that remain open for heavy vehicle drivers.

This information has been provided to the NHVR by retailers and heavy vehicle operators and may not be comprehensive.

If you have been out on the roads and have seen a business that isn’t listed on the map please get in touch with us via email at digital@nhvr.gov.au"

Source: NHVR

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