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Stronger Payment & Conditions Protections For Owner Drivers

According to a recent ATN article.

"Amendments to the Victorian Owner Drivers and Forestry Contractors (ODFC) Act have passed Parliament, granting stronger payment and conditions protection for contractors who own and drive their own vehicles."

"Hirers and "brokers" will now have to provide "safe and fair conditions for individuals classified as contractors, not legal employees."

This would see fines of up to $16,500 for non-compliance, with Wage Inspectorate Victoria monitoring the Act.

The article states that the Victorian government has committed to creating campaigns looking to educate the populace.

"This is about ensuring hard-working owner drivers in the transport and forestry sector get the fair and safe working conditions they deserve."

Says Minister for Industrial Relations Tim Pallas.

There are also some key changes highlighted in the article worth reading which you can read it in full Here.

Sources: ATN OwnerDriver

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