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The Big F Word

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

The F word has been doing the rounds lately throughout the media regarding the transport industry...

Fatigue Management has been a hot button topic of late. Some believe driver fatigue will worsen and increase which will then force fatigue management solutions to adapt and change.

In a recent article by ATN, the industry regulators are taking note that there needs to be a form of flexibility when it comes to this fatigue management regulation.

NatRoads has condemned the latest legislation regarding fatigue management, noting that WA has some aspects of the reform right;

"One of the main conclusions of the NatRoad submission is that reform based on the WA system (where fatigue is regulated via work health and safety law) underpinning a performance-based system should be introduced." - NatRoads

Sleep Management vs Fatigue Management?

We're hearing a lot about reactionary measures such as after-the-fact fatigue management solutions. Sleep management solutions attempts to solve the problem before the problem even arises.

On our recent trip to Atlanta U.S.A, Loadshift met with previous vice president of Omnitracs Analytics Dean Croke (Australian ex-pat), who has worked with companies to introduce effective sleep management solutions to counter the problem of fatigue.

You can read the full article on it Here!

Others also support this approach and believe that educating carriers on better sleep management (a proactive rather than a reactive approach) is the way forward.

Simply put, it's a prevalent and important topic to discuss, and we're interested to know your thoughts on the problem of fatigue also!

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