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Toll Group Under Siege

In an investigation by the Australian Financial Review (AFR), eight former executives of Toll have described multiple cases of corruption in the company including nepotism between contractors and managers, pallet shortage schemes, dealings with drug dealers and a truck load of mismanagement.

"It comes down to culture," says one. "I have worked in a lot of large businesses, most of which are very reputable. At Toll, many of the HR and financial practices were questionable. In other businesses you wouldn't dream of seeing that activity." - AFR

Brotherhoods and Gangs

In the report, executives outlined that a contractor had changed his last name so as to deceive toll executives, whilst he allegedly charged his brother 30 to 40 per cent above other delivery companies. His brother, a floor manager in an IPEC distribution center who supposedly earned $100,000 a year, has since fled to Europe and put his $5 million house on the market. Throughout the ongoing investigation, another transport company contracted to Toll charged approximately $20 million a year for several years before being found to have been established by directors who had 24 years in prison between them. Toll was the contractor's first and only client. Another contractor for Toll sub-contracted out their work to a motorcycle gang who used the Toll-branded trailers to smuggle drugs nationwide. During the investigation the contractor for Toll was cancelled and police were informed, whilst a few weeks later 23 IPEC-branded trailers not owned by trailers had "caught on fire" in Adelaide... A connection was never officially made, however executives could read between the lines.

For the full story, read the article by AFR HERE

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