• Phil Callaghan

Transport is the Barometer of Aussie Economy, how does it currently read?

Challenging times in the transport industry at the moment as several transport companies have shut their doors over the last 6 months.

In July alone, Carlswood Transport, a large family owned transport company operating across Australia with over 80 staff, has announced that they have gone into administration.

Also in July, transport company of 23 years, DD Porter, voluntarily closed their doors as increased regulation made it difficult for them to continue operating.

"Things are getting tough in the transport industry..."

Derek Porter now 3rd generation owner of DD Porter said in an interview with Toowoomba based The Chronicle.

Before Christmas in 2018, Redstar Transport went into liquidation seeing nearly 400 employees being made redundant over the Christmas break.

As the transport industry is the barometer of the Australian economy, does this reflect a tightening of the wider Australian economy?

Read the full stories below:

Sources: Big Rigs, The Daily Examiner, ABC News

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