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UPDATES: New Permit Coming for Freight into NSW from VIC

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

July 9th, 9:45 am -

According to NatRoad, the NSW Government is undergoing the development of a new permit especially for the Freight and Transport Sector. It seeks to provide better support for those within this sector.

This permit will be available at close of business day today, Thursday 9th July.

We will provide more information as it becomes available. Read the full NatRoad release HERE

July 8th, 7:30am - According to the NSW Gov website on border restrictions in and out of VIC, a person providing critical services, including freight and logistics are required to apply for a COVID-19 NSW border entry permit.

You can apply for a permit HERE. IMPORTANT As there is a high demand for the permit there will initially be longer wait times. However, as a Carrier, make sure you provide all the necessary documentation (like your ABN and job sheet/information) to prove that you are providing a critical service into NSW. The NSW Government website states, "You can still demonstrate your eligibility to cross the border to Police by carrying relevant documentation based on your category of exemption." As more information develops we will bring it to you. If you have any relevant information or if you need to ask any clarifying questions, feel free to call us on 1300 56 23 74 anytime.

July 6th, 3:45pm - We want to keep the Loadshift Community up to date with all info on the NSW/VIC border closure, so watch this article closely for updates and Like and Follow our Facebook page for updates.

Regarding Freight out of VIC (and hotspots) into QLD

Carriers are described as a "specialist worker" and are EXEMPT from the hotspot travel restrictions. Read more information HERE.

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