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What VIC hotspots mean for Freight Transport into QLD

As QLD tighten restrictions to stop any and all people passing through or coming from Victoria, we wanted to clarify the QLD position on the essential service that is Freight Transport. Updated July 3, QLD declares "Freight transport drivers are not required to complete the Queensland Border Declaration Pass."


Furthermore, you do not have to quarantine if you are:

  • a specialist worker who is required to be in Queensland to work (specialist workers include people such as emergency health services employees such as paramedics and organ transplant teams, drivers transporting freight and other specialist workers who need to provide time-critical services that are difficult to obtain in Queensland)


Regarding COVDI-19 Hotspots:

a person who has been in COVID-19 hotspot is not required to quarantine if the person:

  1. is a specialist worker* who is required to be in Queensland to perform specialist work

Read HERE (specifically sections 11-16.5)

specialist worker as defined above*

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